How to transfer an entry

1. Log in to My Details
2. Make sure you’re in the ’My Events’ tab, then click ’transfer entry’ underneath the entry you wish to transfer
3. Tick the boxes confirming you wish to transfer and then enter the email address of the person you wish to transfer your entry to in the box
4. Click ’Transfer my entry’
5. An email has now been sent to the recipient of the transferred entry containing their transfer code, and your entry status has now been set to ’Withdrawn’

How to claim a transferred entry

1. Log in to My Details
2. In the ’My Events’ tab, click ’enter online’ next to the race you wish to enter
3. Underneath the entry methods, you will see an option named ’I have a transferred place’. Copy and paste your transfer code into the box and click ’continue’.
4. Continue your entry as normal until you have completed the process