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BCHA has been helping homeless and vulnerable people for over 45 years.  We help people off the streets, out of abuse, over skills barriers and on to independence and work.  Whether it is homelessness, domestic violence, educational disadvantage or just the need for help and advice, we offer people the support they need.

  • Domestic violence is one of the most significant factors in making women homeless. One in four women will be subject to it in their lives, while one in six men will also experience it. Finding a safe place to flee abuse at home is crucial.
  • Imagine yourself as a 16 year old who has to leave home, this could be due to a family breakdown, to escape abuse or many other reasons, where would you go and what would you do? You can’t rent a flat, you’re not old enough. You can’t get a job as you don’t have an address.
  • Sleeping on the street poses real dangers to a persons safety, emotional and physical health.  Rough sleepers are regularly subjected to verbal as well as physical abuse, including sexual assault and have even been set on fire - just for being homeless. 


People find themselves homeless for many reasons, many of them no fault of their own.  Often the reality for people either just before or just after they become homeless is they lose their job, this can lead to a loss of identity, self esteem and confidence and this is before they have to live through the horror of life on the streets.

Helping people to escape situations like these are just some of the many ways BCHA support people in our community.

Donations are vital to help us to continue our work of supporting vulnerable people.

Please support us by running in aid of BCHA, we can provide you with a free entry place in return for raising a minimum amount of sponsorship (minimum sponsorship amount depends on the race entered).  


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